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Pet Daycare and Dog & Cat Boarding Services in Front Royal, VA

Professional All-Breed Grooming Pet Boarding and Daycare Center is a one-stop pet care facility in Front Royal, Virginia. We cater to cats and dogs, providing them with personalized attention and care. When choosing us as your pet care facility, your pet receives the best boarding and grooming services available.

From grooming services to boarding your pet, it's important to choose an experienced and passionate company. Professional All-Breed Grooming Pet Boarding and Daycare Center has been offering unmatched grooming, boarding and supply services for more than 25 years.

Whether you're a first time customer or valued member of our family, visit us to shop the best in pet supplies and to learn more about our services. For the best in boarding and grooming services for cats and dogs, contact Professional All-Breed Grooming Pet Boarding and Daycare Center at 540-635-4669.
  • Large Indoor Areas
  • Individual Exercise and Playtime
  • Climate Controlled Year Round
  • Day & Night Staffing
  • Quality Pet Food Provided
  • Pet Supplies
  • Clean
  • Safe
  • Administration of Medications as needed with Minimal fee

Check-out time is 10:00 am Boarding charges applied after 10:00 am
Chihuahua Taking a Bath - Pet Daycare Services in Front Royal, VA
Cat Grooming - Pet Daycare Services in Front Royal, VA

The Cat Barn


Filtered Air (Ionized)


Day & Night Staffing


Cleaned Continuously


Quality Pet Food


About our Services:

Professional All-Breed Grooming Pet Daycare & Boarding Center also offers a full service grooming salon.
Grooming hours are:
Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. (8am – 5pm)
For more information about prices and to schedule an appointment please call



Small Dog Kennel (Shore-Line Corp. T-Kennel Design – Quiet QUAD)

– Reserved for Sensitive, Petites and special need dogs. – This kennel is separate from the Large Dog Kennel to support the needs of our small dog clients.
– A separate walking yard is reserved for the Small Dog Kennel
– These kennels range in size:
  • 4 x 4 ft
  • 4 x 3 ft
  • 4 x7 ft expandable

Large Dog Kennel

– The Cottage
  • 10×12 ft (Finished room style)
  • This kennel is reserved for the most sensitive of our pets.
  • This room offers a window, sofa and Television.
– Indoor & Outdoor Kennels
  • 5 x12 ft w/ access door to the outside kennel
– Various kennel ranging in sizes from:
  • 5 x 6 ft
  • 5 x 8 ft
  • 5 x 10 ft

Cat Room

– Quad Condos w/reconfigurations

– Multi Tier condos

Pet walking yards

– We now feature four walking yards
– W/Forever lawns – K-9 Grass (5700 SqFt)
– Exercise Yard – 22×80 ft K-9 Grass

Improved Parking

We now offer “off street parking”. For added safety and convenience while moving pet from our customers automobiles to our modernized and enlarged facility.


Self Serve Pet Wash

We are proud to present: Front Royal's First all inclusive “Self-Serve Pet Wash”
  • Featuring Stainless Steel Bathing tub from Petlift Inc. Davis Manufacturing
  • Professional quality pet shampoos and conditioners
  • EZ Groom Blow Driers
– These amenities can deliver the finish and cleanliness need by the most discriminating of pet owners

Cat Room

Our new and improved cat room features multi-tier kitty condos for the satisfaction of our feline friends. The condos have separate areas for the litter pans so your cat isn't forced to dine near their elimination area. With a 40 gallon fish tank to keep them amused and a large picture window to bird watch from, your kitties are sure to enjoy their stay in our adorably decorated Cat Room. We feed NutroMax Cat to our feline clients staying overnight.

Rate: $13.00 per night

Boarding Hours:
Monday – Saturday 8am – 6 pm
Sunday 4pm – 6 pm

Checkout is at 10am, after which that days' boarding fee will be assessed. All Sunday pickups are full-day charged. We are closed all major holidays for pick-ups and drop-offs.

K-9 Cottage.

Also new to our facility is The Cottage, a finished living room style suite that is reserved for our most sensitive of clients under 70 lbs. The cottage features a floor-level sofa with pillows, a large floor length window, and a flat screen TV to really make your pets feel like they're cozy and at home. The Cottage is located less than 20 feet from one of our outside walking areas to accommodate the special needs of our older and more sensitive clients. The Cottage will provide your pet the utmost comfort and luxury. NOTE: Dogs Only, No Destructive Dogs, Limited Availability

Pricing for K-9 Cottage is standard boarding rate.



The safety and comfort of your pets is our main priority. All of our kennels are brand new and are available in varying sizes to accommodate the needs of your beloved pets. Our kennel is staffed by responsible animal lovers around the clock, who are dedicated to ensuring the safety and comfort of your pets. We offer tours of our boarding facilities any time during our normal business hours, no appointment necessary! We want you to have the security of knowing you are welcome anytime and we guarantee you will never find our facilities in less than satisfactory condition!.

All of the pets in our facility are given individualized attention and will enjoy 4 to 5 one-on-one exercise and elimination sessions daily in our fenced and secure outdoor walking yards. Our three separate walking yards provide a safe sanitary place for your pets to eliminate as they are lined with Forever Lawns K-9 grass that is disinfected daily. We also have a large natural sod exercise area where your pets can enjoy a healthy game of fetch with one of our dedicated staff!

Our kennels are kept clean and sanitary at all times. We provide blankets and beds for your pets comfort, but you are welcome to bring items from home. We also provide Pedigree food for our boarding guests, however, please feel free to bring your own food if you wish to keep your pet on their normal diet. Medications can be administered for a small fee.

Large Pet Kennel

Our Large Pet Kennel is climate controlled and kept at a comfortable temperature. We offer indoor/outdoor kennels for those pets that enjoy the freedom of going outside at their leisure. We also feature multiple flat screen TV's in the kennel that stay tuned to Animal Planet or DOG channel to help keep your pets entertained.

Small Pet Room

New to our facility is our small pet room featuring 16 T-Kennel Pet Suites. This room is separate from the Large Dog Kennel. It is quieter and has its' own climate control to meet the needs of our small four-legged clients. We keep it at a nice home temperature and keep the TV tuned to pet appropriate channels to make sure your little ones stay relaxed and content. This room is also reserved for our sensitive, petite, and special need clients. We have dedicated one of our walking areas for use only by clients staying in the small pet room.

Pricing for Large Pet Kennel and Small Pet Room by Pet Weight:

0-25 pounds $21.00 per night
26-60 pounds $24.00 per night
61-100 pounds $25.00 per night
100+ pounds $26.00 per night

*We have a two pet discount if your pets will be boarding together. For the safety of all animals in the facility, cats and dogs cannot be boarded in the same kennel.

Pet Daycare

We understand how hard it can be to leave your furry family members home alone all day while you are at work or out running errands. This is why we offer Pet Daycare! It is the perfect way to make sure your pets stay safe and active while you take care of business. Pet Daycare clients will enjoy 3-4 exercise sessions daily, or more if requested. It's a guaranteed way to keep your pets from getting bored and becoming destructive at home. Give them something to do with pet daycare!

Daycare Hours:
Monday-Saturday 8am – 6pm
Cat $13.00
Dog $18.00

*Daycare clients will need to bring their own food from home.

Self Serve Pet Wash

We are proud to offer Front Royal's first self-pet wash!
Leave the mess behind and let us handle clean up!
Save the strain on your back and eliminate bending over the bathtub at home!
The economical choice for those who like to do it themselves!

We offer two professional grade pet wash tubs, both with easy entry for your convenience and your pets comfort. The step-in tub for large dogs requires no lifting. The tub for small to medium pets provides sturdy stairs for safe entry and exit of your pet.

Professional Grade Supplies Provided:

  • Shampoo (Special shampoos are available for pets with skin issues)
  • Conditioner
  • Towels
  • EZ Groom Blow-Dryers
  • Brushes and Combs

Pricing By Pet Weight:

1-25 lbs.$10
26-60 lbs.$15
61 lbs. +$20


8am- 5pm Monday – Sat
4pm- 5pm Sunday (Please Call Ahead)

*Appointments are not required but are strongly recommended

The Grooming Salon

This is where our business first began and Master Groomer/Owner Deborah Allen has over 30 years experience in animal grooming. When we say All-Breed Grooming, we mean it! There isn't a legitimate breed of dog she has not come across in that time and she has perfected the art of grooming each of them. Her skills and knowledge have been passed down to her dedicated staff, assuring your pet will leave our salon looking nothing short of marvelous.

We use professional grade quality products on our grooming clients including special products for those clients with skin issues. Our powerful blow dryers safely get all that unwanted undercoat out and make your pets coat soft and shiny. Whether your dog requires a simple trim or an all-over shave, our groomers can handle it all. Your pets' grooming will include getting their ears cleaned, nails trimmed, and an application of cologne. Bows and nail polish are applied upon request. Skunk treatments are available. Bring your pets down and let us clean them up and pamper them!

Grooming fees vary depending on breed and pets coat. Bring your pet by for an accurate estimate.

  • Appointments required for grooming.
  • Nail trimming is available on a walk-in basis at a cost of $10.00.

Along with our professional grooming services we also offer a full line of dog and cat supplies at unbeatable prices including toys, leashes and collars, and medications for common ailments.